The principle of providing legal aid to indigent persons derives its authority from Chapter 3 of the Namibian Constitution wherein is enshrined the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms. Article 12(e) guarantees all persons a defense lawyer of their choice.

Further, in terms of Chapter II of the Constitution, which articulate the Principles of State Policy, with particular emphasis on the Promotion of the Welfare of the People, the Stated is mandated to provide free legal aid in defined cases with due regard to the resources of the State.

As testament of the commitment of the State to fulfil this fundamental constitutional requirement, the Legal Aid Act, Act 29 of 1990, was one of the first pieces of legislation to be promulgated by the Namibian Parliament. The Directorate of Legal Aid established by the same Act has implemented the provisions of the Act with deliberate professionalism and commitment since its inception. The Directorate has a Customer Service Charter which, inter alia, outlines its services, defines the clientele and explains how the public can interact with the Directorate.

The National Office of the Legal Aid is situated at Erf 10565 Mungunda Street, Katutura, Windhoek, Namibia. This is the principal place of business and its domicilium Citandi et executandi. This means this is the address for the service of all legal process relating to legal proceedings involving Legal Aid.